Without volunteers the Foundation would not exist.

Through the effort and contribution of each of us, we are building together a community where we can inform and interact according to our interests and field of activity.

Through the projects you participate in you can find opportunities for personal development and contribute to improving the reputation of Romanians in the Netherlands. By getting involved, you encourage others to be proud of their roots and find their full potential for development and success.

Advantages for volunteers:

  • Social network development
  • Training and feedback
  • CV improvement (adds new skills and experience)
  • Receive LinkedIn recommendations and letters of recommendation from coordinators
  • You have a place to publish articles.

If you have decided to become a volunteer, you can choose either to get involved on an ad-hoc basis, depending on the project and time available, or to get involved permanently in one of the Foundation's departments and projects or in the coordination of the local network. Permanent involvement requires a weekly effort of 4-6 hours.

We currently have several volunteer positions open: 

  • PR - Public Relations (marketing)
  • Content creator/ article writer (Marketing)
  • Events organization
  • Help for the community - Social

For details of the above positions please send us a message to team@rompro.nl or you can fill in the following form: 


Volunteer management team:

Dorina Izsányi

Volunteers & Events Coordinator BiebRO
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