We invite you to the painting workshop organized on November 11 within the project "The Romanian Library Netherlands", with the support of the Department for Romanians Abroad.

Emanuela (Emi) Balint has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She likes to work in tempera, pencil and ink. She loves doodles, objects, houses, nature, cats, paper bags and the smell of books and pencils.

He created the image of the kitten Dar Motan, the hero of the series of adventures imagined by Cristina Andone and published by Nemira.

A member of the Illustrators' Club, Emi sent in an illustration in the summer that is included in the exhibition Journeys, which can still be visited at the OBA Oosterdok public library until 12 November.

On 11 November Emi is coming to Amsterdam to give two illustration workshops for children. Together they will build and decorate cheerful and playful little houses, perfect for welcoming the winter holidays. 

The workshops are mainly for children, but we also welcome young people and adults who want to craft their own little house. 

Location: St. Nicolaaslyceum, Beethovenplein 2, 1077 WM Amsterdam

Date: 11 November 2023, 14:00 & 15:00 CET

Recommended donation for workshop participation: 10 euro/family (includes a gift book plus workshop materials)

Those wishing to participate are asked to fill in the following registration form: Form.

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