Atelier Deventer - Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization

Text and photos: Veronica Filipoiu

We started the lesson by singing together the song "Si joel se viviește", where the little ones and the big ones got caught up in the dancing and singing (

Then we moved on to the lesson topic: 'The Magic of Autumn'. We discovered what the seasons are called and what characterises each one. We discussed the changes that happen in the autumn season (the leaves turn from summer green to rusty leaves, etc.).

We described the fruits and vegetables we find in autumn and some of them were written on the blackboard. The vegetable "aubergine" seemed a difficult word to write and pronounce.

The hands-on activity was intense, with the children discovering through drawing and colouring the names of the fruit and vegetables they each put in their baskets. At the end, our harvest baskets looked very beautiful. I was happy to see how interested the little ones were in discovering the names of the fruits and vegetables.

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