We all know the saying "mens sana in corpore sano", but how many of us are really aware of the importance of maintaining optimal mental health? According to data from the World Health Organization, nearly one billion people suffered from a mental disorder in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the situation worse, leading to a 25% increase in anxiety disorders and depression. The most affected categories were women and young people.

However, in 2020 only 2% of health spending was allocated to mental health and only 25% of WHO Member States reported including mental health in primary health care. (Source: WHO)

How are things in the Netherlands?

The Nemesis study found that the percentage of Dutch adults (18-64 years) who experienced a mental disorder in the past 12 months increased from 17% in 2007-2009 (Nemesis-2 study) to around 26% in 2019-2022. The increase is particularly noticeable for mood disorders, which almost doubled in 2019-2022 (11%) compared to 2007-2009 (6%) (source: Trimbos)

Mental health is therefore not to be neglected. Seeing a therapist should be as important as seeing a cardiologist or dentist.

How can we access the services of a therapist in the Netherlands?

In order to benefit from therapy services in the Netherlands through health insurance, we first need a referral from the family doctorwith a diagnosis such as depression, anxiety or psychosis. We can then contact an institute or therapist who works with insurance. Generally, waiting lists are very long, sometimes up to a year. 

Below you will find a list of Romanian therapists working in the Netherlands.

NOTE: The information presented in this list is provided for information purposes only. The therapists listed have not been individually verified or endorsed by us. We recommend that you do your own research and consult with a trusted professional before making a decision about choosing a therapist.

  • Dana Popa

Website: www.danapopa.nl

Phone: 0614 278 277

Email: info@danapopa.nl

Details: individual, relational and family therapy

City: Leiden

  • Denisa Mănică

Website: www.denisamanica.ro

Social media page: Facebook

Phone: +40752 220 026

Email: contact@denisamanica.ro

Details: integrative psychotherapy

City: Haarlem

  • Irina Ioana Calotă

Website: https://www.irina-ioana.com/

Social media page: Facebook

Phone: 0633 199 166

Email: hi@irina-ioana.com

Details: working with children, teenagers, families and adults

City: Amsterdam

  • Violeta Olteanu

Social media page: Facebook

Phone: 0628 831 099

Details: systemic couple therapy, EDMR, ILF Neurofeedback

City: Oss

  • Alina Comendant

Website: www.alinacomendant.com

Social media page: Instagram

Phone: 0639 554 220

Email: alinacome@yahoo.com

Details: transactional analysis and gestalt play therapy

City: Hilversum

  • Luiza Păduraru

Website: www.luizapaduraru.com

Social media page: Instagram

Email: contact@luizapaduraru.com

Details: individual therapy for adolescents and adults, couples therapy, psychological assessment, counselling, nutrition, wellness and career coaching.

City: Amsterdam

  • Alina Porumboiu

Website: www.movimental.nl

Social media page: Facebook

Phone: 0644 316 094

Email: info@movimental.nl

Details: cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma psychotherapy, counselling for expats

City: Utrecht

  • Raluca Ene

Website: www.ralucaene.net

Social media page: Facebook

Email: ralucaenetherapy@gmail.com

Details: psychologist, recruitment consultant, yoga teacher

City: Amsterdam

  • Monica Calfa

Website: https://www.psychologist-monicalfa.com/

Social media page: Facebook

Phone: 0615 207 875

Email: monicacalfa@gmail.com

Details: experiential, body and mindfulness therapy

City: Utrecht

  • Anca Zaharia

Social media page: Facebook

Phone: 0640 585 367

Email: ancai.zaharia@gmail.com

Details: gestalt therapy, working with adults

City: Bussum

  • Victoria Ribokas

Website: www.victoriaribokas.com

Social media page: Facebook

Details: emotion-focused couples therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy

City: Amsterdam

  • Lavinia Bucur

Social media page: Facebook

Details: psychogenealogy, couple therapy

City: Amsterdam

  • Felicia Heidebrecht

Website: http://www.lifeinmymind.net/

Phone: 0682 162 631

Email: felicia@lifeinmymind.net

Details: couple therapy, ADHD, alcohol and drug abuse, bulimia

City: Rijswijk

  • Adina Petre

Website: www.adinapetre.com

Social media page: Facebook | Instagram

Phone: 0654 123 525

Email: welcome@adinapetre.com

Details: specializing in trauma therapy, burn-out recovery, coaching.

City: works online

  • Daniela van Mourik

Website: www.mental-hygiene-institute.nl

Phone: 0648 055 948

Email: info@mental-hygiene-institute.nl

Details: cognitive-behavioral therapy, schema-focused therapy; works with adolescents, adults, couples

City: Voorburg

  • Bianca Faur

Website: https://www.biancafaur.com/

Phone: 0681 798 768

Email: contact@biancafaur.com

Details: systemic therapy for expats

City: Amsterdam

  • Monica Chirvase

Website: https://wabisabipsy.com/

Social media page: Wabi Sabi Psy | The Hague | Facebook

Phone: 0640 589 090

Email: wabisabipsy@gmail.com

Details: specializing in Transactional Analysis (TA), Congnitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

City: The Hague

  • Ana-Maria Boantă

Website: www.psygro.nl

Phone: 0299 - 607459

Email: info@psygro.nl

  • Irina Handaric

Website: www.invivoclinics.nl

Phone: 020 7670 378

Email: infoclinics@invivo.nl

Details: psychologist GZ

City: Amsterdam

We hope you find this list useful and wish you good health!

An article by Magda Mincu

Magda has been living in the Netherlands since 2012 with her family. She is a translator by profession (predominantly Dutch to Romanian) and has been part of the Rompro Foundation's marketing team since early 2022. She chose to become a volunteer in the Foundation primarily out of a desire to socialize with other Romanians living in the Netherlands, but also to help with information and translations.

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