Dwarf workshop

Text and photos: Nicoleta Oprea

On Saturday there was great joy at the school as it opened its doors to children again. I welcome all the little ones and wish them a good time at our workshop! This year we will have fun together, learn and enjoy everything we discover at school.

I was amazed to see at the first workshop many children, accompanied by parents, grandparents or even aunts, eager to learn and feel Romanian, enjoying the best that the school has to offer.Because we don't sit in traditional desks, we each found a seat on the floor, during which we got to know each other and got used to each other.

To lighten the mood, our workshop started with a mini disco, much loved by the little ones. We listened to the children's favourite tunes and the more daring ones gently danced to the beat.

Other children explored the school toys, modelled with plasticine or played with a ball.To get to know each other better and to easily remember the names of the 12 children who attended the first workshop, each one introduced themselves. Thus, the little ones created their first business card and received support from the adults. They cut out a circle from yellow paper and stuck it on a plastic plate. The face was quickly enriched with two little eyes, a mouth and a nose, imitating a child's face. The parents wrote the child's name on the edge of the plate, which was left free. This makes it easier to remember the names of each of the dwarfs.

Our hour also ended with dancing and good cheer.

Romanian language and culture

Text: Eliza van Peppen

Last Saturday at our school the bell rang and the freshmen were counted! And this school year, our class has grown and renewed! We wish all freshers and parents a warm "Welcome to the Romanian School in Amsterdam!"

Joy, excitement, enthusiasm, smiles, eagerness, good cheer are some of the emotions that tried us all, children, parents, educators and that could describe the atmosphere in the classroom at the beginning of the school year.

Our first lesson was an introductory one. It was dedicated to discussing holidays, games and physical movement. The game "Spider's Web" allowed us to get to know each other and introduce ourselves. Using a ball of string, we created a web of friendship, taking turns introducing ourselves and telling what we did on holiday.

To the beat of the song "If you live happily ever after" we had fun and got moving.

Our play continued with a mime game aimed at socialization, teamwork and communication. Each child received a card representing an animal. Each player had to mime in front of the team who in turn had to guess the animal represented. It was a fun and successful exercise.

The Treasure Hunt game kept us breathless. One by one, the children followed a clue trail, fulfilling certain requirements and answering questions. What joy and excitement when we discovered the treasure rich gifts for all the children!

Our class ended with a reading of the story "The Wizard of Oz". A reading that we will continue at our next workshop.

Play, personal development and photography

Text and photos by Raluca Tudorache

Here we start a new season of the Romanian School with great enthusiasm and joy.

And because so many fabulous things certainly happened on our summer holiday, but also because we were joined by new children after we met, we shared our holiday impressions, travel adventures, and adventurous adventures.

Not only did we relive together some of the most enjoyable moments of the holiday and had fun at the thought of the adventures but we had the opportunity to immortalise these memories in an original way.

So we started a drawing competition inspired by the adventures of our little ones, in which they launched themselves with effervescence. Luckily it was against the clock, otherwise they wouldn't have had the whole hour to work on them, so the second stage of our journey through the world of holiday memories was to transform the drawn images or take them as a starting point and produce a new environment.

As one of the children came up with the idea, we created a backdrop for the holiday landscapes turned into pictures. So towards the end we built a kind of picture theatre out of drawings, cut-outs and other ingenious constructions invented by the youngest children themselves, who proved to be very hard-working, imaginative and creative.

One after the other, amidst much hustle and bustle, time flew by like the holiday itself, and at the end we were able to admire numerous drawings, cut-outs, colourful constructions, which I think gave them another tasty memory.

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