What did 2022 mean for ROMPRO? 

We enjoyed returning to physical events where we gathered in numbers and reconnected after months of pandemonium.

We celebrated Easter Day together in a wonderful atmosphere in the St. Nicolaaslyceum in Amsterdam, followed by a picnic with traditional Romanian products and games for children. Everyone had the chance to proudly wear traditional costumes.

We danced on the ROMPRO boat for the first time at Pride Amsterdam 2022. In the week leading up to the event, ROMPRO ran an awareness campaign in which people from the LGBTQ+ community and beyond confessed to the challenges they have experienced.

You can read more about the activities we were involved in below.

The financial reports for each year can be found on the About Us ANBI.

Scoala romaneasca Amsterdam

In 2022 we marked 6 years of existence of Romanian School Amsterdam. Many children have grown up with us, transforming from cute and shy dwarfs into teenagers or almost teenagers!

In the January - July 2022 module we organised 15 workshops for each module, with 50 children participating in our courses. We discussed spring, celebrated Mother's Day, Marzipan, Tricolour Day, introduced children to Easter traditions and customs and ended the school year with an outdoor picnic.

In the module September - December 2022 we organized 3 workshops: Dwarf Workshop, Romanian Language and Culture Workshop and Personal Development Workshop for Pre-teens. We discovered together autumn and its specific vegetables, the solar system and its planets, hobbies and activities we like. We went on a trip to OBA, took part in the Book Week and celebrated together the National Day of Romania, Santa Claus and Santa Claus.

We are grateful to the teachers who dedicated their weekends to guiding the children, and to the parents for their effort in bringing their children and for their support. Going forward, we want to continue to grow and develop with our children. Thank you!

Biblioteca Românească Olanda
2022 has been the most ambitious year since the opening of the Dutch Romanian Library so far, both online and in the physical space.

Throughout the year weekly meetings were held Facebook Live BiebRO Mondays during which we presented new books by Romanian authors, we promoted literary events that took place in the Netherlands but we also discussed with various guests including Bianca David - coordinator of the Club of Parents Pre(a)occupied with Reading, Rareș Turbatu - the young reader from the program His World Knows Everything, and with the coordinators of the network of the Library of the Young Children.

We also had a series of interviews with Romanian authors and illustrators.

On 2 February, on the occasion of Read Together Day we met online with the beloved author and translator Radu Paraschivescu. On 16 June we live-streamed the physical meeting we had with author Dana Grigorcea, an event organised together with the Romanian Embassy in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. An online recording of the meeting can be accessed here. On 10 November we met online with illustrator Ionuț R. Olaru, anticipating the physical meeting on 12 November at the BiebRO headquarters.

In terms of physical meetings, we (co-)organised 5 events, 3 of which at the BiebRO headquarters... Interconnections Școala Online

2022 was a year of growth and development for Interconnections Online School. In 2022, 50 courses were held at Interconnections, including 15 Romanian and 35 Dutch language courses. In total we had around 315 unique participants and many of our students took 3,4 or even more courses with us. This confirms the quality of our courses and the professionalism of the whole team.

Dutch language courses were again in high demand and many students chose to take more modules with us.
In Romanian we continued the courses at different levels, from beginners from 0 to module 12. We have loyal students who have taken many lessons with us and can write and speak fluent Romanian. We are very happy that they can now communicate more easily with their families and friends in Romania.

Without our wonderful students and IOS team this would not be possible. Thank you all so much! We look forward to welcoming you to our courses in 2023!

2022 was an interesting year for the social department. It started with a change in the coordination of the department and a change in strategy. Whereas until this year the department had been almost exclusively focused on helping individual cases, 2022 saw a shift to an approach aimed at informing the community about aspects of life in the Netherlands.

This change of approach came, somewhat naturally, as we assessed the referrals we were receiving and their nature. Most of them were about problems encountered by Romanians in the context of a work relationship in the Netherlands and (serious) problems arising from it.

Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to put more emphasis on the information side of the community in order to prevent problems arising from lack of information.

Based on this idea, we held our first webinar on 14 April, together with our partners at Fairwork, on the topic of "Seasonal Employment Contract in the Netherlands. Be careful what you sign!". For those interested, the seminar can be reviewed on the YouTube channel.

The online seminar series continued

As of 1 June 2022, the composition of the Board of Directors of the Rompro Foundation has changed.

The biggest change is in the role of President from Cătălina Negru to Dilek Yusuf. Below they share with us their thoughts and hopes at this time of transfer...

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